Greg Noll surfboard brochure / pee chee
the inside
front and back opened
Da Bull Team rider sticker from the 80's
black light poster
Greg Noll water slide decals
I even collect Noll stuff like this. This is a original used shipping address off of a Greg Noll Surfboard box.
Greg Noll surfboards bi fold brochure
very cool brochure as i have not seen one of these before. insde talks about the facilities , employees and the boards along with a one year guarantee of your surfboard. do you think he might still honor this today?
back side of brochure unfolded
gulf coast jacket patch
Bruce's surf shop gulf coast jacket patch. pretty rare to find one of these as i have seen only two of them and this is one. would go on the back of the jacket as it's very big. thanks again Greg for signing this for me
one of the first surfing posters Greg ever put out. surfing highlights from about 1959 or so
as you can see Greg signed it and put very rare as not many of these around
original search for surf posters
a rare surf movie poster and i think this may have been the very first one that greg did
when i had Greg sign this poster he said he had never seen one before. we think its late 50s or early 60s
surf-o-rama sticker
1960 Surfboard price list
1965 Surfboard price list
program & heat sheet
movie still photo
poster for the hawaii shop
Greg Noll surfboards did only three books / booklets. this is the first one and it was written and illustrated by the famous Rick Griffin who did work for Greg in trade for boards
this is the back of the surfing funnies book
this should be the second book that Greg did with Rick Griffin. it's 35 pages
here is the back of the cartoon history of surfing book
this is the third book that Greg did
the back of the surfers annual book
pretty sure this is from the front of the calendar that Greg did in 62 or 63
Greg signed the back side of it for me