Greg Noll surf team jacket 1965
Greg Noll surf team logo on back of jacket
the picture came with the jacket and is of Fritz McCartney who owned this jacket
Here is Fritz McCartney wearing the jacket at a party. also he drew this incredible Rick Griffin look alike artwork.
here are two framed items from Greg. one is the photo of the surf team and the other is the letter to him, welcoming him to the surf team dated 1965
framed letter from Greg to Fritz that says welcome to the surf team. dated 1965 and signed by Greg
here is the original photo of the 32 surf team members from 1965. Greg is in the front middle with stripped shirt
original Dacat tee
original 1960s Greg Noll short sleeve sweatshirt
this has the metal zipper on the front. it came from the original owner Mark who worked at spicer's marina in Connecticut. they also owned a surf shop with the same name in Road Island and sold Greg Noll surfboards and products
here is the tag. pacific athletic company in LA and San Fran
Jailhouse team trunks
my friend carys 60s greg noll jacket
Greg's famous jailhouse trunks.
one of a kind search for surf movie trunks
classic logo