Mickey Dora at Malibu
My newest da cat and you can find the brother and sister board to this one if you scroll down the page.
very nice logo over the floral inlay.
pretty clean bottom side with channels too. 1967
channel bottom board and it takes the da cat / balloon fin
the da cat fin for this board near perfect.
my newest nice clean 9'8 pin tail channel bottom da cat that came from the original owner
want to take her for a spin?
the original decal on the tail from where the board was bought
this da cat is board number 1680 only 8 numbers off the other blue tint one you see me holding down the bottom of the page
da cat fin and fin box
nice blue tint bottom
clean logo with pinline around the concave nose
another perfect da cat
You might see these when you enter a surfshop on the west coast. Good luck on the hunt! Where are they? (Click to enlarge)
Here is another Da Cat hanging in a shop somewhere on the west coast.
That is a solid black Da Cat with white slip check. That’s me, Rik Cederstrom, my first session at Stockton Ave. Santa Cruz.
This one shows the fate of the board and where. Surfing any board at Steamer’s Lane without a leash took it’s toll. I made that longer section into one of Santa Cruz’s first two short boards. It was an 8’1”. The original “Cede Custom”. The only other shortboard was an 8’1” shaped by ONeill shop for Rick Kalinowski and produced the same week. (Almost) no-one surfed Stockton at that time.
da cat surfboard fins. these fins were also used on the stemwinders and the noll riders in the years of 66 and 67
1967 9'8 Greg Noll dacat slot bottom
great original nose print on this one
the Greg Noll and Dacat logo are in great condition
taking a peak down the concave nose
check out the printed inlayed slots on the bottom that match the nose print
the original dacat fin fits in the box great still
the fin is in and shes ready to go out for a spin.
check out the print on this one and look at the print in the picture to the right on my other board. they are the same print so these are sister boards even though this one is number 837 and the other one is number 1313
this board can been seen in the pictures below and yu can see it has the same print as the board to the left.
Bev Noll with my 10'0 Da Cat that hangs in the Noll Shop
knee paddling inlayed cloth patches
this dacat was the very first one i ever bought about 20 years ago
the bottom side just as clean as the top side
slot bottom with yellow swirl fin and the board number inside the fin box says 1313
Bev with one of my very clean Slot Bottom Cat's
this is one of the limited addition dacats
Here is a pair of his & her Da-Cat's. Thanks for the photo's Kevin
What a nice pair!
Black Da Cat
One of the 7 dacats that Rhyn made and this board is the template for the 250 limited addtion dacats that were done in the 90's
this dacat is a 9'6 and dated 1997
Here are two very nice Cat's. Thanks for the photo's Andrew
Jerry Pierce and Greg Noll
9'8 blue tint pintail da cat i think this one was bought at Mrs. A's the surfer surf shop here in oregon
checking out the slots
9'6 floral da cat
Floral Dacat and Stemwinder what a pair