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original sticker logo
Greg Noll
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Vintage 1967 Greg Noll Stemwinder @ C Street Ventura
Vintage Greg Noll Surf welcomes you to a walk through out Noll Surfboard history. I would like to thank the entire Noll family for helping me with this website.


I have been an avid Greg Noll collector for years and its time I share my collection with the public. I am always looking for anything Noll related. Surfboards, kneeboards, decals, patches, artwork, magazines, or anything else related to Greg Noll.  So if you would like to part with it please email me here. Please see the last page of my website for items I have for sale. If you have any Noll boards or old photos of you surfing a Noll board please email them to us and we will add them to the website.

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An original Greg Noll Surf Team jacket. The Surfing Funnies by Greg Noll, and a poster called Surfing Highlights by Greg Noll.

If you have any Greg Noll surfboards that you would like to display or sell just email us and we would be more than happy to list them in our for sale section.

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"World by the Ass" by BigToe (aka Tom Laura)

The above image is a comic (super hero??) portrait of Greg Circa ‘67 or so. The stories that Greg told me to inspire it were about how at that point he felt like he owned Waimea Bay and could handle anything that the wave could throw at him: a condition that my Dad would call in his WWII vernacular "having the world by the ass". The black eyes are because Greg explained that the Hawaiians stories were so good that it was worth getting his ass kicked once in a while.
12'' X 16”  Acrylic on board “liberated” from a construction site.

Greg and Laura Noll at the 2006 Trade Show
This has got to be the worlds largest hand crafted fin. Made by Greg & Jed Noll
Drew Kampion
Here is my new pug named Nollie.
Nollie on my newest Greg Noll Stemwinder
the last noll contest 2011 after 16 years years running
the last nol contest 2011
check your heat sheet
the judges stand
world champion surfer kim hamrock serenade us two nights before the contest
thanks kim for the great music
of course we took care of kim and many friends with great food beer and wine
vintage noll boards on display at the 2011 noll longboard classic
these boards got alot of attention this year
a dacat and a stemwinder both are the same blue resin tint
a rare noll semi gun with a rare noll gun
part of the pit crew liz and her helper check in people
deep in the pit kelly and her helpers total up the scores.
the heat sheets
more heat sheets with all the times
the offical time clock and yes they run a top notch contest here
the crowd hangs out
bev tries to give the shaka but i think you have one finger wrong
photos anyone ? this guy is tops when it comes to professional photography
vip parking anyone? these guys work really hard every year all day long parking cars
tate noll showed up again and i think you can teach your mom how to give the right shaka bra
remy noll helps out too and she also has a great shaka bra
ready for the finals? the heats are post
yes i am ready for my final
the gals final was a stacked heat
the tandem final lets do it annie
the awards ceremony
check out all the hardwear everyone one is hand made out of redwood and you will not find better trophys anywhere in any contest
it was a packed house for the awards
bev noll starts the awards
check out all the menehunes i think there were about 62 of them for this last noll contest
bev noll was really honored this year with many gifts and other things. i think she even got a trip to hawaii . can i go too?
the gals final was impressive but kim hamrock came out on top
the dukes final
the cruisers and i got third this year
bev dane and remy noll say thankyou to all who participated in this last years noll contest
thanks to the noll family for all the great years at the noll longboard classic
Greg with his brother Jim hamming it up at the contest. (Click to enlarge)
2006 Noll Longboard Classic
2006 Noll vintage board display
1967 Noll Stemwinder (click to enlarge)
This is Gregs brother Jim noll, he is holding my slotbottom board and pointing to the fin. Why is he pointing to it? Because he made the fins in the early to mid 60's on most of the Noll boards. He said he probably made this fin.
Bev noll and Liz. Liz helps every year at the contest
Bev talking at the awards ceremony.
Gregs famous Jailhouse trunks
Greg Noll was born in 1937, which made him a perfectly-times teenager in 1950, just in time to enjoy a period of surfing that Miki Dora called The Golden Years. From a young skinny gremmie hanging around the South Bay and causing trouble, by the middle of the 50's, Greg Noll at 19 years old cemented his legend by leading the first surf session at Waimea Bay. In the 60's, Noll became famous for charging the biggest waves obtainable, wearing a pair of black and white striped "jailhouse trunks" he had custom ordered in Hawaii.
This is Greg's story about how those trunks came about: "Your going to hear alot of BS from back in those days, some of it actual BS, some of it the truth, so you can mix this in with all of them, but this is the way I remember it. Going back to when I was about 13 years old everybody was wearing plain old trunks from JC Penney's or wherever you bought trunks from in those days. I spent a lot at the Manhattan Beach Surf Club under the pier. This was at turn of the Grannis era, when surfers were guys like Don James and Doc Ball, educated guys who went to church and didn't swear and were polite. Well I got involved when the whole thing was falling to shit and guys like Dale Velzy and George Kapu got involved. Things turned and went the other way. There was a pretty earthy group of guys at the Manhattan Pier who set the style for the South bay and that effected things all up and down the street.
So what happened at Manhattan Beach is someone like Barney Briggs or Velzy started going to the Salvation Army to buy their clothes, because you could get an overcoat or Army surplus stuff for 25 cents. Well they started buying white sailor pants and cutting them off above the knees and started surfing in them. And that caught on, and pretty soon everyone was doing it. At some point somebody got the idea to see who could live in those cutoff sailor pants the longest, without taking them off or washing them.
There were rules to this deal. You could only drop the shorts to your knees to take a crap, or to your ankles to screw your girlfriend. otherwise they stayed on and whoever kept them on the longest won. I think it was Velzy who won. He went over three weeks without taking off his cutoff whit sailor pants, and knowing Velzy they were down around his ankles more than a few times.
Anyway these things got to be the standard surf attire for the guys in the South Bay and when some guys started going to Hawaii to surf Makaha they were still wearing their cutoff whites.
On the west side of Oahu in Waianae there was a tailor named M Nii. He and his wife were Japanese or Filipino and they made shorts for the Hawaiian surfers. at the time some guys were wearing Outrigger Canoe Club shorts that had stripes down the side, but those were a big deal to get. You had to know someone or be a part of the club or get then underground somehow.
At some point we started going in there and looking at all the different-colored striping material - red and gold and green and all kinds of colors.
I think it was Billy Ming who first got the idea to go to M Nii to get that colored striping into their white shorts. [Walter Hoffman refutes this and believes it was Buzzy Trent, Dave Mojas and himself who first went to M Nii]. The gaudier the better. One guy had red and another guy got blue stripes and some guys had trunks that looked like a clown suit. Well they wore those trunks as hard at Makaha as they did at Manhattan Beach and by the end of the winter they were so worn out, guys would go back to M nii and get some more custom tailoring done before they went back to the mainland.
Guys were pretty much living in those shorts so they evolved wax pockets and comb pockets and wallet pockets and all this shit.
I went back too California with those white sailor cutoffs customized by M Nii and people really liked them. So the next winter I went back to Hawaii with orders and measurements from my friends and about $350, which was a lot of money back then. I got custom trunks made for myself and friends and the rest is history, you know? I don't know what other guys will tell you but this is all happened when I was 15, so that would have been 1952.

Gregs first balsa board.
Greg Noll George Downing Gun
These Downing Guns are very rare.
the judges stand at the noll longboard classic thanks guys and girls
boards on display at the Noll Classic
checking the board to see if they made it out of there heat to the next round
one of Rhyn's first boards he made on display at the noll shop
Bev looking sweet as always before the contest
the heat sheet
Rhyn just got done surfing his heat
Greg Handing out the trophys
Dane Perlee getting his trophy Good Job Dane
Greg signs a competitors tee shirt
Greg shakes hands and gives him the trophy
Rhyn Noll holding my Noll Team Slot Bottom
very clean 9'0 four logo board 1964
personally signed by greg noll. the sister board to this one can be seen two pictures above with rhyn holding the other one
Boards on display at the Noll Longboard Classic
Here are a few of my Nolls. This picture was used in the art of the surfboard book
This is my Greg Noll Blob
The veiw from my home holding a black dacat. Photo taken by Drew Kampion
Check out the concave nose. Photo again taken by Drew Kampion
4 Da Cats , 2 Slot bottoms, 1 stock model Noll and 1 Noll Team board with the 7 logos and myself!
The original Greg Noll Surf Shop.
This is a Noll Atomic Stock model & a Noll Big Wave Gun
My prized all original Greg Noll Da Cat
The perfect Da Cat fin.
Ever seen an original DaCat this mint?
This is a 7 laminate Noll Surf Team board and Noll Slot bottom.
the board of sponsors thanks everyone
bev says welcome all to the 2010 noll longboard classic with excitement . This was the 15 year and still going strong
the heat board
the judges stand and yes they do take bribes
three pretty girls working a part of the pit crew
Tate Noll , Greg and Bevs son even showed up this year. we love you Tate!
tate with nollie pug dog
mom bev and son tate noll
Rhyn , Sarah and Makai Noll a great family picture
2010 noll longboard classic surfboards display
top board is a 70s noll and the bottom board is a custom noll atomic logo
each year i bring down about 4 or so vintage noll boards to display
top board is a late 60s mini gun and bottom board is a dacat style pintail but no concave
the finals are all set and posted on the board . Good luck guys and gals!
bev working hard in the pit
my division the last heat of the day . I ended up in 6th placed but will get you next year guys
Trophy time
the super winners . this means all of last years winners in there division compete against each other
bev starts the awards ceremony
the gals getting there trophys and its Annie Howe the winner as Ashley Lloyd takes second
tandem trophy time. me ,nollie pug dog and annie howe in the middle as we take second place this year
my division getting our trophys
great photo of the grand dukes and check out the wood surfboard. yes that was the first place trophy this year. the noll contest by far puts out the best hand made trophys at any surf contest. most are made from redwood the trees around the area
The Greg Noll Surf Team
The Noll Surf Team left to right
Greg and his son Jed in their shaping garage
Greg's shaping room.
Greg shooting the pier.
Da Bull
The famous Greg Noll Atomic logo
One of my inlayed stringer boards.
Early Greg Noll Film Production logo
Greg Noll Chubby logo
This is my rare 1964 stock 9' 10'' Noll with checker board pinlines.
Melissa & Greg at the Portland showing of Riding Giants.
Greg Noll book signing at the art gallary for art of the surfboard in brooking's oregon
My good friends Skeeter and Liz at the booking signing with a Greg Noll wooden board on display
Beautiful wood board that Greg Made on display in the art gallary for the book signing
check out the wood grain just beautiful
Greg's Personal boards. one fin is the board he rode the big wave at Makaha 1969 and the other fin is the board he rode outside pipeline with
Greg and Jed signing books thanks guys
End of the book signing for me. tired but still stoked and happy
Showing Greg how good she can surf. Maybe the next big wave rider
Jed Noll Tim Orr Greg Noll with lobsters and the Girls
Want to eat some lobster?
Greg and myself with my 10'8 Noll slotbottom Gun.
My 10 ' 8 Noll slotbottom gun fully restored by Rhyn Noll and made for Waimea bay
rare rick griffin murphy logo
the bottom side
check out thoughs slots
nice wood tail block
the smaller chopstick fin they used on the big wave guns
Greg showing Gary how the slots are made.
This would be a great 60's Greg Noll ad.
My Greg Noll Island Gun. With the Noll Big Guns laminate
Here is the original owner of my prized Da Cat Abner albertson with the board in Barnaget Light, NJ around 1970