Greg Noll & Friends Belly Boards and Paipo Boards.
my newest Greg Noll belly board and only one of 2 or 3 ever made 1970
Greg Noll logo on the deck
bottom side. she looks kinda like a newport paipo board with the outline
Bob Holmes model who shaped 2 or 3 boards for Greg. Gregs wife Laura told me that they remembered him. neat story to this board as Bob was stationed in Vietnam after he shaped this board and it was sent to him there to ride it. God bless our veterans
the glass on fin. this became standard in the 70s
flat tail section going to concave in the nose
deep nose concave with lots of belly on the bottom of the nose
side veiw. as you can see there is alot of rocker in the nose
original Greg Noll belly board that came from the original owner who used to ride it
the bottom side
clean chubby guy logo
the fin
This is a rare Greg Noll Belly board.
This is an all original triple stringer Noll Belly Board.
This is an original Greg Noll Kneeboard
This one needs to have new foam installed.
How many Weber Perfomer Belly boards have you seen?
Greg Noll Paipo Boards Only about a dozen ever made